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HealhyCoins are the first tokens to give coin holders exposure to the African medicinal cannabis cultivation industry.

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The objective of Healthy Corporation is to spread the benefits of the nascent cannabis industry to all who would like to participate – whether they are in countries that allow the cultivation of cannabis or not.

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Trading in cryptocurrencies is subject to market, technical and legal risks. Healthy Corporation does not guarantee any returns. Users use "" at their own risk.

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The number of countries that has legalised cannabis for medicinal purposes is growing on an almost monthly basis.

Medicinal cannabis cultivation and processing facilities are expensive to establish. The regulatory hurdles are also high. And then the plants need to be taken care of properly, to ensure that this month’s batch of medicine is the same as last month’s. All in all, it is much easier to just buy a HealthyCoins if you wish to participate in the medicinal cannabis industry.

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Willem Daniel Jonker

Founder - HealthyCoins

Willem Daniel Jonker

The Founder of Healthy Corporation and Medigrow Africa, is a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) by training. He was a senior partner at Allan Gray (, the largest independent investment manager in South Africa, until 1993.  Thereafter he moved into the field of private equity, arranging funding for companies such as Medigrow Holdings.

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Corlia Huyzer

Financial controller

Corlia Huyzer (50)

Corlia started her 17 year career in Accounting and Finances at the Accounting firm Bester and Partners in Kroonstad in 2001. She joined WJ Wessels Farming in 2003 and is responsible for the full accounting and HR aspects of the business. She is currently studying for her Higher Diploma Commerce Financial Accounting that also includes Business - and Coporate Law, Business Management and Internal Auditing. Her Strong adminitration skills and ambition in her career has made her a valued part of the WJ Wessels Farming team

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Kevin Horsley

Farmer (North) and Director of Medigrow Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd

Kevin Horsley (50)

Kevin started his farming career in 1990. In 2002 he co-founded a new family transport business, Dharwizi Transport, which became one of the biggest transport businesses in Zimbabwe with over 100 trucks. In 2016 Kevin returned to his first love of farming. He is a Director of Amderma Investments, one of the shareholders in Medigrow Zimbabwe.

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Khotso Masia

Technology expert and Director of Medigrow Uganda Limited

Khotso Masia (42)

Khotso’s background is in Information Technology. He understands crypto-currencies. Amongst other achievements he founded Bitline SA 512 – an IT company. He is currently a Director of a number of companies, including Massiv Renewable Energy Solutions, Massiv Road Haul, ReFuel (Mauritius) and Medigrow Uganda Limited.

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Ncamsile Masilela

Administrative officer and Director of Medigrow Holdings Limited

Ncamsile Masilela (37)

Ncamsile is a people’s person who made a name for herself in the hospitality industry in her native country of eSwatini (Swaziland). She joined the team on 1 January 2018 and is responsible for the call centre and administration office.

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Echo Meza

Business strategist and Director of Medigrow Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd

Echo Meza (38)

Echo is an established businessman with business interests spanning the globe. His is presently a Director of i.a. Sky Relief (aircraft charter company), Sam Levy’s Village (shopping centre), Agricon Equipment (agricultural equipment supplier), Amderma Investments (farming) and Medigrow Zimbabwe.

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Owech Cynthia Owang

Pharmaceutical distribution and Director of Medigrow Uganda Limited

Owech Cynthia Owang (28)

Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences from Makarere University in Uganda. She is a Director of Parombo African Trading Company, which imports and distributes pharmaceutical products throughout Uganda. She is also a Director of Medigrow Uganda, and Director and founder of Semasion Computer Solutions Entebbe and Simply Cynthia Fashion House. Her NGO work includes the Uganda Pediatrics Association (focusing on children’s health) and the Be a Better Woman NGO.

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Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

Business development and Director of Medi-Research International (Pty) Ltd

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

Sibusiso is a skilled Technical Manager with experience in the water and waste water industry. Familiar with electrical, mechanical, electronics & communication and basics in chemical engineering. He has worked with various companies and developed good experience in the process.

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Jose Vieira

Project manager and Director of Madagrimed s.a.r.l.

Jose Vieira

Jose was born in Angola but grew up in South Africa. He has been living in Madagascar since 1997. His main achievement was building Sakatia Lodge, a guesthouse on a sacred island off the coast of Madagascar. Jose has been managing the Lodge since 2004.

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Hendrik WB Wessels

Managing Director - WJ Wessels Farming (PTY) Ltd

Hendrik WB Wessels

Hendrik started studying towards his degree in Agriculture Economics in 2001 after he spent a year working on a crop farming in Australia. At the end of 2003 he joined his father, Wessel, and started working on the family farm. In 2004 he took over the crop cutivation and grew it from 2500ha to 5200ha. In 2016 he started negotiations to farm Vegetables on an Irrigation Farm in Zeerust and established Tsholofelo Farms (PTY)Ltd. He is a Director of this company with a 20% share and I in the years the company grew to a strong and successful business. His passion for Agriculture and strong Business skills is the motivation to expand into further areas in the industry

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Wessel J Wessels

Director - WJ Wessels Farming (PTY) Ltd

Wessel J Wessels

WJ Wessels Farmig (PTY)Ltd is an extension of the wessels family of farmers and dates back to 1975 when Wessel studied and farmed on 400ha of land in the Excelsior area in the Freestate of South Africa. He then expanded towards Marquard and Clocolan in the late Seventies. In 2006 he bought shares in land in Namibia and in 20017 he also started farming with cattle in Botswana. The existing farming enterprises of Wessel can be described as utterly succesful and he laid a solid foundation for further success and growth in the future.

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Gabriella Rahamefy

Communications manager and Director of Madagrimed s.a.r.l.

Gabriella Rahamefy

Gabriella is a Director of Madagrimed s.a.r.l in Madagascar. After completing her MBA studies in France, she started an essential oils business in Madagascar. From there she promoted investment and tourism in Madagascar through the Madagascar trade show and Air Madagascar. She has also held positions in sales and as a freelance commercial agent.

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Izak Du Pisanie

Legal Advisor

Izak Du Pisanie

Since completing his LLB in 2002, Izak du Pisanie has worked in the UK and South Africa. He specialises in Commercial Law and other legal matters, and is from 1 October 2018 practicing for his own account under the name Loock du Pisanie Inc. Attorneys.

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Tom Sawyer

Agronomy Manager

Tom Sawyer

Tom began his farming career in Zimbabwe in 1980. In 2001 he joined Universal Tobacco Company in Malawi where he set up a successful small scale tobacco farmer scheme. He has operated in numerous African Countries, recently in Uganda working for Alliance One International, as Head of Agronomy where the Company set up a small scale tobacco farmer project from scratch producing 16 million Kg of tobacco with 15,000 farmers. The past 8 months Tom has been assisting Medigrow in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Uganda with their license applications.


It is our belief that in ten years’ time, what we call “medicine” today in the Western Hemisphere will be called “alternative medicine”, and what we call “alternative medicine” will be called “medicine”. People are returning to especially plant-based remedies and turning their backs on harmful single-molecule chemicals.

Cannabis, the miracle plant, is at the forefront of this movement. The “entourage effect” of cannabis points strongly to the use of the whole plant as a remedy for many lifestyle-induced and other maladies. Click Here for more information.

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Parties who are interested in promoting the company and the coins should send an email to There is a facility for intermediaries to earn commission on the sale of coins.

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