Step 1: Go to and register. This step will automatically create a Healthycoins wallet address for you. The address is a long row of letters and digits and appears on the HealthyCoin dashboard after you log in on the site. The “Log In” facility is at the top right hand corner of the landing page.

Step 2: Buy Ethereum coins if you don’t already have. You can do this on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Type “Buy Ethereum” into your search engine and choose the exchange that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Now transfer the Ethereum that you want to use to buy Healthycoins into your Healthycoins wallet. This step is done on the website of the exchange where you bought your Ethereum. Use your wallet address that is named in Step 1 above as the wallet address that you want to transfer the coins to.

Step 4: Now log in to the website again, and choose the option “Purchase Healthycoins”.

Step 5: Once your purchase is approved, you will see your “Total Tokens” balance reflect the coins that you purchased. It is that simple!

Green Planet International Limited, a company registered in the Seychelles with Certificate Number 206781 and trading as Healthy Corporation, is the issuer and seller of HealthyCoins.

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

HealthyCoins are the first cryptocurrency tokens that give the holders access to the profits from the medicinal cannabis cultivation industry in Africa.

An Initial Coin Offering or ICO derives its name from the initial public offering (IPO) of stock. An ICO is the primary way in which cryptocurrency companies offer their coins to coin buyers.

Coin Name: HealthyCoins

Coin Symbol: HLTY

Total number of coins on offer in the ICO: 80 000 000

Total number of coins: 80 000 000

Pre-ICO price: 0.001 Ethereum, i.e 1 Ethereum buys 1000 HealthyCoins.

ICO Price: 0.002 Ethereum, i.e. 1 Ethereum buys 500 HealthyCoins.

Pre-ICO Start date: 14th August 2018

Pre-ICO End date: 31st October 2018

ICO Start date: 1st November 2018

ICO End date: 31st January 2019

As soon as the ICO is completed. Expected listing date is 28th February 2019.

HealthyCoins do not have a physical presence. You can only buy them online, on the website

You can sell your HealthyCoins on an exchange and get cash (i.e. a transfer into your bank account) or other cryptocurrency like Ethereum in exchange.

During the pre-Initial Coin Offering period, the price of one HealthyCoin is fiexd at 0.001 Ethereum. During the Initial Coin Offering, the price goes up by 100% to 0.002 Ethereum. After the Initial Coin Offering, the price of one HealthyCoin depends on “supply and demand”. If more people want to buy HealthyCoins than those who want to sell, the price will go up, and vice versa.

If you buy coins at the pre-ICO price, and the price then increases to the level of the ICO price, you will eventually be able to sell one half of the coins you bought at the pre-ICO price to recover your money. You will then still own one half of the coins you bought “for free”. A possible strategy is to acquire twice as many coins as you plan to own long-term during the pre-ICO period, and sell one half after the ICO.

Parties who are interested in promoting the company and the coins should send an email to There is a facility for intermediaries to earn commission on the sale of coins.

Healthy Corporation has an extensive marketing plan for its coins by using the latest trends in social media marketing, data sense, email marketing to purchasers of coins, holding one to one meetings with potential buyers, ERC platform investors, etc.

If you allocate a fixed dollar amount every month and buy coins, you will buy more coins when the price is low, and fewer coins when the price is high. This is a great buying strategy and is also called “dollar cost averaging”. In this way, you can save for retirement or for a rainy day.

HealthyCoins are “asset tokens” whereas Bitcoins are “payment tokens”. There are no assets underlying Bitcoin – Bitcoins have no real/intrinsic value. They are only worth something because people think they are worth something. In contrast, 95% of the assets of Healthy Corporation provide underpin to the value of the HealthyCoins.

To answer the question: ATMs are more appropriate for payment tokens like Bitcoin than for asset tokens like HealthyCoins. We are not planning to have HealthyCoins ATMs.

Healthy Corporation has obtained legal opinions from an international lawyer on both aspects of its business, namely issuing cryptocurrency and holding investments in companies that are applying for, or have licences to cultivate medicinal cannabis. These opinions conclude that the operations of Healthy Corporation are legal.

All of Healthy Corporations financial dealings, including any profits that it makes, will be published on the “Latest Price and News” tab on Each coin holder will be in a position to establish for him/herself that the profit allocation is correct.

In the “old world”, companies decided when they would pay out profits without having any regard to whether the stakeholders actually needed the money. Healthy Corporation works differently. Whenever Healthy Corporation makes a profit, the company has more money and/or other assets. 95% of the increase accrues to the coin holders. This increase in the underlying value of each coin should result in a higher price for HealthyCoins on the exchanges.

Healthy Corporation does not intend to make dividend-like payments to coin holders, but will use any surpluses to expand the business or buy back HealthyCoins. Whenever Healthy Corporation buys back HealthyCoins, this will in itself increase the value of the remaining HealthyCoins, as there are now fewer coins sharing in 95% of the profits.

If you need to realise cash from your HealthyCoins, the way to do this is to sell some coins on an exchange. Therefore you can take profits when it suits you, not when it suits Healthy Corporation.

Please refer to section 3, Value Growth Plan, in the White Paper for an example of past performance of medicinal cannabis cultivation facilities in Africa. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Healthy Corporation is an investment holding company, not a trading company. It holds investments in other companies. It is highly unlikely that Healthy Corporation will ever get liquidated, because it does not have any liabilities. The medicinal cannabis industry is also in its infancy – especially in Africa, where medicinal cannabis cultivation facilities have a permanent cost advantage over North American and European facilities. We do not anticipate that Healthy Corporation will be liquidated. An offer will be made to all coin holders to acquire their coins at the market price, should the management ever decide to terminate the activities of the company.

It means the underwriter guarantees to do something. For example, Medigrow Africa has underwritten the issue of 12 million HealthyCoins. This means Medigrow Africa has committed itself to subscribe for 12 million HealthyCoins before or during the Initial Coin Offering.

The People’s Republic of China has banned cryptocurrencies. We believe this is a temporary position to give the Chinese authorities time to get a better understanding of cryptocurrencies. If a resident of the People’s Republic of China acquires HealthyCoins, this will not make him/her necessarily ineligible. However, if the People’s Republic of China then attempts to fine or otherwise interfere with Healthy Corporation or demand that HealthyCoins submits reports or something similar, the Chinese coin holder will become ineligible.

Click on “Latest Price and News” on the website and follow the links to articles on medicinal cannabis.

If one combines the medicinal, recreational and illicit markets in the United States, then the cannabis market is bigger than wheat or any other agricultural product.

Blockchain refers to a recording system where each transaction is recorded on many computers in different locations. It is thus difficult to falsify the information, as there are multiple copies of each “block” of transactions. The transactions are public and kept forever, making it impossible for a crook to hide his or her prior shady dealings.

In the old economy, if you have to pay me for something, you instruct your bank to make the payment. I trust your bank to make the payment – i.e. I trust a party other than you (also called a third party). In the blockchain economy, all transactions are recorded publicly. It is as if your bank statement is a publicly available document, so I can see all your transactions. So I can trust you without the need for a bank or other third party to convey that trust. Add to this the near-immediate settlement of all transactions (there is not much time for things to go wrong) and we have arrived at a trustless environment.

Every transaction involving Ether-based cryptocurrency incurs a charge known as “gas”. At the time of writing, the “gas” value per transaction is between US$0.40 and US$0.50. This value may in future go up or down.

The “gas” rewards the owners of the computers on which the blockchain is stored.

Yes, HealthyCoins are ERC20 compliant.

When you sell your coins on an exchange, you should receive the fiat currency or the Ethereum within a matter of seconds. Your receipt of the funds means the transaction is concluded and irreversible. You will probably never know the identity of the buyer, and you are therefore not in a position to, nor do you have any obligation to verify that the buyer is eligible. Buyers should verify for themselves that they are eligible to hold the coins.

There are none. You may sell the coins on an exchange, or you may transfer the coins to (for example) your mother-in-law in a private transaction.

For any other questions or further information about any of the above questions, please send an email to